Athena Stockport

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  • Halal

Menu Athena Stockport

With some scrumptious dishes on the menu, the experience at our restaurant type will be a memorable one. Try out the different styles of Greek dishes that we have as you enjoy an amazing ambience. We have a couple of Meal Deals that include items like Gourmet Steak burger, Donner pita, various toppings, sauces and a choice of drinks. Our signature dishes include Kofta Ades, Creamy Chicken, Single Gourmet Burger, and Mixed Grill Kebab. These dishes come with inclusions like salad, onion, and other extras. We also have some Pizzas and the popular ones include Margarita Pizza, Meat Lover Pizza, and Texas BBQ Pizza. If you love veggie dishes, try our Falafel Salad Box, Halloumi Vegetarian and Falafel Vegetarian among others on our menu. We also have a Popular Dishes menu that has Monster Box, Meat Feast Roll, and King Burger selections. These dishes include kofta, salad, onion ring and gourmet burger among other dishes. We also have various other items on our Tubs Of Sauces, Kids Meal, Dessert and Sides menu. Come and explore.

About Athena Stockport

Athena is an iconic restaurant that will introduce you to otherworldly flavours. We are proud of being rooted in a deep tradition of culinary excellence. Our Greek dishes menu has some of the popular dishes that are enjoyed all around the world. You can enjoy various traditional and modern items as we have made sure to include different styles of dishes. In addition to some palatable items, we also have the right selection of drinks. The various deals come with a choice of drink included. Other than that, the drinks menu itself has some favourites that customers will find to be suitable for any plate. We are also unbeatable when it comes to customer service. Not only do we have the right talent, but we are also diligent. Enjoy the finest combo of top-tier dishes and services at Athena today.

Restaurant location Athena Stockport

Located at the 42a St Petersgate, Stockport SK1 1HL area, Athena restaurant is a place like no other in town. We are the best destination for the top Greek Takeaway dishes. On top of that, our services are also remarkable. You can enjoy viewing our menu and services from anywhere as we provide access via our mobile apps. Download them today from the App Store or Google Play store. Visit us and order for your favourite dishes today for an unforgettable experience. 


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